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Essential Letters.

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About Us

Essential Letters is a boutique, medical audio transcription service for medical specialists located in the heart of Australia's private medical industry - Melbourne.

Specialising in back-flow management within the context of private consulting rooms and hospitals, we are here to help you get back on track as quickly and discretely as possible.

Our service is unique: we offer a mobile, in-house experience to maintain patient confidentiality, organisational processes, and quality assurance. Resultantly, we do not offer remote (online) services but, will travel to you locally or interstate.

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Essential Letters values tradition.

We put our values into practice by maintaining the historical culture of letter correspondence as part of clinical practice.

We understand that a doctor's responsibility expands beyond the consulting room.

Therefore, at Essential Letters, we take on the responsibility of transcribing dictated transcriptions in a timely manner.

We are efficient, confidential, and most importantly - essential.

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Our Service


Specialist Medical Transcription

At Essential Letters, we offer a single bespoke service - backflow specialist medical transcription.

We come to you (interstate included) and work through outstanding dictations.

We are discrete, non-judgemental, and efficient.

Service Inclusions

All back-flow audio transcription services include the following;

  • Travel to you locally within Victoria or Interstate
  • Assessment and Quote (includes 1 - 3 complimentary typed letters)
  • In-house transcription of dictated letters
  • Proofreading/formatting for quality assurance
  • Mail preparation
  • Follow any in-house processes and/or procedures

We specialise in transcribing letters to a standard where they do not need to be proofread by practitioners subject to audio quality.

However, if you wish to proofread our transcriptions, this is also an option.

Current Specialties

We are looking to expand our portfolio so please do not hesitate to make an enquiry and book in a consultation.

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During your consultation, we will assess your practice's needs and deliver you a quote and additional information within 48 hours.


Commence service

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We arrange a day and time to come into your practice to begin transcribing your dictated letters.

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